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Human Resources


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We believe our workforce as the most accessible and valuable resource of the company. The experiences and technical know-how they acquired through the last three decades of successful years are the most important USP of our company. In order to keep them intact and motivated, we have designed and introduced various program and packages.

So far we are successful in maintaining the tempo of our workforce through the well-defined HR Department.

Regarding the effective management of the human resource, MEC is at the forefront of any other company in the emirates. HR department can cater effective solutions to satisfy all the needs of the workforce working under this roof.

The department is able to design and implement the cutting edge tools for the development of the workforce.

HR department has the effective mapping structure to asses the current need of the manpower and is able to forecast the future requirements for the oncoming projects. HR department is equally able to constitute new strategies and procedures for the reinforcement of the workforce.

At present we have a headcount of around 300 employees and we are in the process of recruiting another 200 new workers to strengthen our total workforce. The total manpower has been distributed in various departments like administration, Engineering and design, Project management, logistics and production.

In Production department, we have Stainless Steel, Steel, Carpentry, Metal Plating, and Casting and Lathe sections for the smooth functioning of the production.

All our members in the workforce are well trained and equipped to meet the challenges in their works.

HR department has various programs to keep them motivated and updated to meet the deadline we have in the competitive market. They are conducting periodical training programs and motivational sessions to all the employees to keep the tempo and to build a working friendly atmosphere in the company.

We provide induction sessions to our new workers to make them understand the mode of operandi and prepare them mentally to melt with the working environment in the company.

We are well aware the importance of team work and team spirit. The HR Department provides well-defined modules to understand the role of each team members and team leaders.

We believe in teamwork and we achieve our deadlines through the collective efforts of the members in each team.

In order to keep the workforce energetic and comfortable we provide state of the art Accommodation facility and all other amenities like Laundry, Room Service etc.

We have an excellent Restaurant attached with the accommodation with different chefs like Arabian, Filipino, Continental and Indian we can satisfy the taste buds of all our employees.


The secret of M.E.C's continuous success is not only by being dedicated and committed to client but also by having a humanitarian attitude towards their employees. M.E.C provides full accommodation to their working force.
M.E.C has a complete facilities and services which ensure each employee's basic needs. M.E.C respects and acknowledges the diverse culture and religion of its employees.

M.E.C responds to the spiritual needs of its employees by providing them a place of worship and allowing them to pray at their designated hour of worship.