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Our Factory in Sharjah spread over an area of 8,000 square meter and equipped with the Latest Automated and Computerized Machines with wide range of services and activities M.E.C factory is set up on modern lines and backed by latest technology that is continually updated. We have the following machines to cater all your requirements ; M.E.C. is an agile company industry that is capable of undertaking variety of jobs with complete perfection and professionalism. M.E.C. is the only factory in the Middle East to provide P.V.D. latest technology for environmental protection and corrosion resistance.


M.E.C has several CNC machines to accommodate the different type of materials needed to be cut for the wide range of works M.E.C handles. CNC Routers constitutes a vital part in wood working industries. It is used to cut complex shapes in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional profiles and wooden molds. It can cut different materials such as wood, MDF, acrylic and can do engraving in brass. CNC Routers operates with CADD CAM (DELCAM) software and is fully controlled by DNC (Direct Numeric Control) for perfection.


Is an advanced high speed machining technique using air and power controlled CAD-CAM software. This is widely used in cutting stainless steel & mild steel materials in up to 10mm thickness.


Is a machining technique using oxygen and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The system proves to be a solution for cutting mild steel materials of up to 150mm thickness in a short time. Like Water jet and plasma machine, it is also controlled by CAD CAM software. This machine is intended for Mild Steel cutting only.

Environmental Awareness

M.E.C understands the need to protect and preserve the ecosystem. The company supports the environmental conservation and awareness implemented by the government. M.E.C while in the finishing industry, strives to perfect the quality of finished product. It also has to be aware of the environmental impact of the use of its materials. The purpose of environmentally sound disposal method is to prevent harm to the water, and air. M.E.C has an effective waste management system that duly complies with the standard regulation implemented by the government authority. Solid Waste Segregation - the discharge materials like scrap metal was place in container and collect by the scrap vendor, and the other garbage was collected by the municipal garbage truck. Proper containment, tagging, collection and disposal are essential to the success of the Waste Program. Liquid Waste Segregation - domestic waste was place in storage tank protected on spillage and collects by company truck and disposes in municipal waste water plant. The Waste Water Treatment Plant of M.E.C for Electroplating was separate in domestic tank and has three ground tanks free in spillage and two overhead treatment tanks and one clarifier to comply with the municipal waste water management regulation. Air Pollution Control -The primary function of an industrial exhaust is to protect workers against potentially toxic and irritating airborne contaminants generated in the work place. Our factory has two units of air scrubber for paint booth.


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